Toshiaki SUGITA

Current position:
Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at Konan University, Japan
Visiting Fellow, University of Reading, UK.
Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK.

Management in Asia, Chinese business, etc.

Concurrent positions:
Part-time Lecturer at the Graduate School of Commerce at Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan.

Previous concurrent positions:
Visiting Professor in charge of international business courses at the MBA Center of the School
of Business at Sun Yat-sen University, China.
Contract Professor at the Institute of Business Administration at Sun Yat-sen University, China.


1. International Business Administration:

Employed by a trading and consulting company for 20 years. Currently employed as a
consultant at several companies.
Member of the International Business Committee of the Osaka Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.
Former Chairman of the Working Group of the International Business, Committee of
the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Supported many Japanese companies regarding business development in China and
other Asian countries from the standpoint of business administration strategy.
Responsible for extensive international business administration operations such as investigation
and planning as well as the establishment, management and unification of overseas subsidiaries.
Regular research trips abroad (approximately every three months) providing business
administration guidance in the overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies.

Familiar with the practical application of business administration theory in the field.
Experience in organizing educational training sessions for executive employees and
overseas representatives who are in charge of international business in Japanese and
Chinese companies.

2. Chinese Experience:
Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
Experience as a lecturer in International Business at Sun Yat-sen University, Guandong,
(MBA course) --one of very few foreign professors to lecture in Chinese.

A thesis based on an MBA case study originally written in Chinese has been posted in
PKU Business Review (November, 2007) published by the Business School of Beijing

3. Personal History:
Born in Tokyo. Lived in Beijing for 13 years as a child due to parentsf overseas posting.
Including both teaching and business experience, resident in China and Asia for over 25 years in total.
One of very few bilingual Japanese researchers who has deep first-hand knowledge of China.

4. Related Experience:
Invited to take responsibility for a NHK radio programme called Business Chinese,
in which Chinese language instruction for Japanese business people is combined with
Business Studies topics. April to September,2011.
(In Japan, NHK is the equivalent of the BBC in the U.K.)

Regular contributor to a weekly business newsletter, SankeiBiz-i, issued by the Sankei
Newspaper Group. Since September,2010.

Main publications:
T. Sugita (1996), Risk Management for Chinese Businesses, Diamond.
T. Sugita (2002), International Businesses and Economic Development in China,
S. Morokami and T. Sugita (1999), Import and Procurement from Asia, Dobunkan
Co-author of 8 books in association with other authors.
Approximately 70 published research papers.
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